Our Graveyard Date

It has been a looong time since Matt and I had a “date”. We haven’t been out just the 2 of us in quite some time.

This weekend with the teenager at a friends…we decided to head to St. Augustine. St, Augustine was founded in 1565 and is it is the oldest continuously occupied European-established city and port in the continental United States. There are many old and original buildings in the city. For example, it houses the oldest wooden school-house. There are tons of ghost stories that surround the buildings and cemeteries.

You can take multiple different ghost walks and tours around the city and learn where all the different sites are. It’s really cool! We have taken about 5 different walks over time and this time we decided to just walk around on our own and take pictures around town.

This post is just for fun. Look close at all our pictures and let me know of you see anything interesting or creepy!

Haunted Bed and Breakfast

Old Drug Store


Old Building - Now a Winery

When was your last date? Where did you go? See anything interesting in our pictures? Have you ever been to St. Augustine or any haunted cities?

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Movie weekend

This weekend was declared as a movie weekend early on.

I had a photo shoot early Saturday afternoon and then starting around 6pm Saturday, the teenager and I settled in for movie weekend. Her friend joined us for Saturday’s movies.

We started with “The Roommate”. We all declared that we will never ever have a roommate and I silently prayed that Roomie wasn’t turning crazy and started analyzing his every move. He might be plotting against us.

We made a delicious dinner and figured we might as well keep with the crazy and watch SwimFan. Eeeek! Even though the guy was total scum for cheating on his loving girlfriend, he didn’t deserve all that!  The girls might be afraid to have boyfriends now. (That’s a great thing!)

On Sunday the teenager and I were on our own with movies, cold pizza, Little Debbie Cake Rolls, Mountain Dew and P.J’s!

The previous night, Matt and I watched “Hall Pass” but I fell asleep. This is my usual behaviour. So, we started Sunday with “Hall Pass” and I pretty much LOLed the entire movie! Matt would now like a Hall Pass as well. Ah, men. Keep dreaming my love!

We watched “The Social Network” after that and I’d say it was ok. It was good for what it was and  I now know all about where Facebook came from.

Our last movie of the weekend was “The Omen” and I am pretty sure our teenager no longer wants children. Why are the creepiest movies of all time about these beautiful but demonic children??

I probably should have been doing something productive this weekend. I probably should have changed out of pajamas on Sunday. I probably should have been cleaning the house this weekend. Or bathing my dogs. Or blogging. Or editing the pics from Saturday’s shoot….but I love a great movie weekend in pajamas.

What did you do this weekend? Does anyone have great movie suggestions for our next movie weekend?

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