Being Thankful

This post is a smidge on the late side huh? I guess life swept me up again and carried me away!!

I started this post about being Thankful before Thanksgiving which is the day that EVERYONE in the blog world was posting about being thankful …. soooo to keep up the tradition of being a Griswold and an always Late Laura, here is my Thankful post!

I’m thankful this year for my husband and our second year of marriage. We made it yet another year in this hard hard¬†world. I love you my super cute stinkapotamus!

I’m thankful for my wonderful family. This includes my husbands wonderful family as well. I have so many caring people in my life.

I’m thankful for the fact that I have a job, a car and a house. So many people in our country, state and town don’t have 1 or more of these things. Being that it is after Thanksgiving, I am now thankful for a wonderful family filled Thanksgiving holiday. It was awesome. I love all of you and wish we could have more days like that! Looking forward to Christmas!

I’m thankful that my cousins baby girl was born beautiful and healthy this year.

I’m thankful for the show “How I Met Your Mother” I just recently started watching this show and I LOVE it!

I’m thankful for friends close and far. You are all great and wish that everyone was close to me all the time. Thank you all for everything!

I’m thankful for “The Vampire Diaries” too and Ian Somerhalder – He’s hot!

I’m thankful for delicious dinners and TV shows with my teenager, once in a while she makes me feel young.

I’m thankful for girls days full of snacks and Twilight movies – Including Breaking Dawn which I am so thankful I was able to see it already.

So anyway… what are all of you thankful for this season and this non-thanksgiving Tuesday?



The Homecoming Craze


It’s the Homecoming season all around. All the high schools are playing homecoming games, having homecoming festivals and having a homecoming dance. Our city and the teens school recently had theirs. She was part of all the festivities as a cheerleader.

The weekend before homecoming, I descended upon one of the most expensive shopping trips of my adult life where none of the money was spent on me!!

The teen, a friend of hers and I loaded up in the early afternoon to set off on a journey to find ……. “The Perfect Dress”¬† If you are female you know all about this journey. If you are male and you have a female in your life who drags you along to offer opinions and carry all the crap, then you also know all about this journey as well.

Once we reached our destination, and then 18 dresses later she finally put on “the one”, you know, the one that makes you squeal and jump and cry out…”I want it, I want it, I want it!” Yeah, that’s the one! Finally, 18 dresses in, she had found it. It was a beautiful dress too. The price?? Not so beautiful, in fact, it was THE most expensive dress she put on. Sigh.. what could I do though as I looked at her excited and hopeful face. Fine! I told her she could have it.

Did you think this journey was over? Oh no my friends, we still had an agenda. Every homecoming dress needs shoes and jewelry too.

We headed off with dress in hand and entered every God forsaken store with shoes we saw. None of the shoes were perfect! None of them. We wandered and stopped and tried things on and wandered some more.

Yes! These are the exact shoes she finally picked!

We decided to take a dinner break and head closer to home to some big department stores.

Dinner!! Ahhh,,,, three people, drinks, appetizer, food and dessert! Ugghhh…the wallet took another punch in the stomach! It’s okay though because we didn’t eat lunch so this total is for 6 meals!!

We headed to Kohls where we finally found shoes, and then a necklace and earrings (that she didn’t even wear!!!!!) and a bracelet. Ohhh .. another hit to the wallet and 7 hours later we had everything we needed! She was ready for homecoming.

So Beautiful


Did you go to Homecoming in High School? Are you in High School now? Have you been dress shopping lately? What do you think of that dress?? Tell me your thoughts!! Like this post, share with friends and follow us with the link on the right!

Yup…that’s me!

The one who puts a five dollar bill in the snack machine because she forgot her lunch and is dying of hunger and thirst.

Yup….that’s me! The one who now has a 10 pound pocket of change to warn everyone she is coming.

Yup….that’s me! The one who now has a delicious snack and cold Dr. Pepper. Yum!

Now, you tell me…was it worth it? Have you ever been forced to do this?

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Trauma at the golden arches

So this is the replay of a typical trip with the family to the McDonald’s drive-thru growing up.

This was a trip myself and my three siblings looked forward to. I’m still not sure what it is about McDonald’s food that makes it so exciting to kids, but it sure was ! Mom, Dad and us four kids would pile into the Country Squire and head to the drive-thru. My dad wasn’t a huge fan of eating inside (we were pretty destructive) but we were ok with the drive-thru. We were still getting McDonald’s !

The trip should have been more organized…maybe with a list made at home of what to order but that idea is only in retrospect. In reality, we would tell my dad what we wanted as he approached the microphone. This is roughly how that went :

Welcome to McDonald’s may I take your order ?

Me : I want a cheeseburger meal !

Sibling #1 : I want a chicken nugget happy meal !

Dad : Can I get a chicken nugget and a cheeseburger happy….

Me : No, a cheeseburger meal !

Sibling #2 : I want a cheeseburger happy meal !

Dad : Ok, no…one cheeseburger happy meal…

Sibling #3 : I want a cheese burger happy meal too !!

Dad : Two…three…no two cheeseburger happy meals…

Mom : I want a chicken sandwich meal with a vanilla shake.

All siblings : I want a shake too !

Dad : No shakes !…one chicken nugget happy meal…did I already ask for hamburger happy meals ?

McDonald’s : I’ve got cheeseburger, did you want hamburger ?

Dad : Yes.

Siblings #2 & #3 : Nooooo ! cheeseburger !!

Dad : Ok, no hamburger, cheeseburger…

McDonald’s : Excuse me ?

Mom : Don’t forget the shake.

Dad : (frustrated) Ahhhh Fuhggett it !! (Boston accent)

Dad would then drive away frustrated without getting anything and told us “You’ll have a sandwich when we get home!”. I hoped he was joking and would drive back around and decide to just go inside. The taste of McDonald’s was already in my mouth. No. I watched as the golden arches got smaller and smaller out the back window. I would indeed resort to a sandwich. Three crying siblings saying “I want a haaaaaappy meeeeeeal” all the way home. Boy was I mad at them. I was sure they ruined it because they didn’t know how to handle the drive-thru with dad. I swore that when I was old enough to drive that I would go there all the time ! But when that time came I realized that I had no idea what made it so exciting. It was traumatic at the time for me but now its pretty funny. Although I can still see those arches getting smaller…and smaller…

Sadness and Trama of not getting a Happy Meal

(Written by Matt)

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