Where’s Waldo??

Or better yet…..Where’s Moo? Take a look at the picture and see if you can find her?

Did you find her?? That’s not a life-like ornament folks, that’s Moo the pain-in-my-booty kitten. You know it’s the holiday season when your cat is in a tree……in the house!! I have no idea how we will keep any ornaments on our tree this year. It’s going to be quite the Griswold Christmas adventure around here, I can see it now.



Sometimes I can be a little lame

This weekend the teenager and I headed out on a road trip to GA. Our mission…to tour and visit the town where the film The Vampire Diaries. So yes, as the title of this blog says…I can be a little lame but I love it! I love the show, I love the cast and I loved the town they film in as well.

The trip started out really great. We made awesome time, listen to great music, had some chats and some tasty snacks! The road trip up was great! We stayed in a Hampton Inn in Covington, GA and I have to say, it was really nice. We didn’t have a suite or any extravagant amenities, but it was a very nice hotel.

We arrived a little tired but ready to head to town to have a look around and grab some dinner. We pulled into a small town atmosphere and parked to walk around. We saw things right away that we recognized from the show. It was awesome to stand where our vampire crushes stood to film scenes we loved. We were looking upon the Mystic Grill in awe. It was a Sunday night so there was no filming taking place but we had high hopes for the next day. As for Sunday night, we just took in the small town atmosphere, grabbed some Subway and headed to the hotel for some rest.

The next morning we were meeting up with my SIL for a day of fun. We had a Mystic Falls tour scheduled and were really hoping to see some filming and meet some stars! We had even checked Twitter and read that they were on set!

However, we are The Griswold’s and no trip is complete without Griswold like luck. It follows us like a dark cloud. It’s a curse we have to live with.

We toured the town with a wonderful couple and saw all the sites and houses we know from the show but we never saw any filming taking place. We learned that one of the locations is about an hour away and it completely gated and blocked from the public. Ugh! We just knew that this must be where they were filming the show on Monday and we would not be able to see filming or have a chance to meet the cast! Damn Griswold luck!

We did have an awesome day on our tour, walking the town together, taking picturesand having lunch in a tasty little cafe, The Square Perk Cafe. At lunch we learned that the cast was indeed, not filming in town that day and would not be in town until Wednesday! We were leaving later that same day!

While the news was very disappointing, we still had a fun day. The town was beautiful, the people were friendly, and we experienced some of that southern hospitality you hear about. I can’t wait to go back. The next time I will be sure to plan a day when I know filming will be in town.Thank you to the Mystic Falls Tour, the employees at Square Perk and the Hampton Inn.You all made the visit wonderful!

So tell me…are you lame as well? Do you love The Vampire Diaries? Have you been on the tour? Have you ever seen filming for anything??

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The Griswold Zoo saved the day!….again!

Hello! My new name is Red… as in Red Sox. It’s nice to meet you all!

Yes, that’s correct, we have a new family member. That would make animal number 10! Soooo have you figured out yet that we LOVE animals??

This particular animal was located in the wild. In our area this is unheard of. We do not have wild ferrets running around here. They are pets and you buy them or adopt them. This little girl was found by Matt while at work. She was running the town, running into the street and making a nuisance of herself.

If you do not know anything about ferrets then allow me to explain. Most ferrets (at least around here) originate at the pet store. They get them from a very large breeder – Marshalls. It is possible to obtain a ferret through a shelter or person but they are usually Marshall’s ferrets as well that someone didn’t want. It’s rare to see a non-Marshalls ferret. The ferrets come to the pet store spayed/neutered and sadly, tagged as well with a little ear tattoo. I know…it’s sad. People pay up to 120.00 dollars to adopt from the pet store so it was shocking to find this little girl running around in the wild.

Matt scooped her up right away with every intention of bringing her home to add to our brood. There was rumor of a second wild ferret but it was never located. Poor little Red was skinny and filthy. Once she was cleaned up, our brood of 3 took her right in as family. It was super cute.

Ferrets also mate with other ferrets. This match can be between any sex. They are all fixed so it’s more like a lifetime partner. You will usually read that you should have either 1 ferret or 3 or more, never just 2. If one of them dies then the odds of your second ferret dying are very high as they get depressed from the loss.

Anyway…our 3rd little ferret,  Sox, had no mate to speak of and he and Red joined up right off the bat and Sox has actually been much happier. We now have 2 sets of mated ferrets and 4 best friends.

I haven’t bonded in a special way with a ferret in a long time. We lost 3 ferrets all pretty close together about a year and a half ago. That left us with 2 and I wasn’t ready for more until Sox came along. Matt actually bonded more with Sox than I did. Little Red though, she changed my heart. I bonded with her right off and have since had some special moments with Sox as well.

I can officially say I have a special relationship with al 4 ferrets now and all 4 ferrets are happy and content. The Griswold Zoo saved the day once again!

Do you have ferrets? If so tell me about them! Any tips on ferrets or homes with many animals? I would love to hear about that too!

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A small Griswold incident brought so many smiles

We were sitting on our front porch last night chatting and catching up with each other as we often do. Matt had a nice full cup of Pepsi from the gas station sitting on the table next to him.

I true Griswold fashion, as he went to sit, somehow at the perfect moment, his arm hit the cup and sent it falling downward. It slipped in between his bottom and the chair at precisely the right moment. It was too late to stop and his booty crushed the cup as it crashed down upon its delicate styrofoam body.

The result was a wet, sticky mess. Oh and also, Matt’s cute little bottom was soaked through with cold Pepsi.

So what lesson did we learn? Oh that’s right…that even in the simplest of times, we are Griswold’s and the laws of Griswold nature are that something will get you and you can never hide from the Griswold factor!

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It’s National F**K with Roomie Day

August 2nd has officially become our own personal holiday. We declared August 2nd to be National F**k with Roomie day.
The day started out with a demon baby hanging from the ceiling outside his bedroom door. This little cutie was there to greet him and wish him a good morning before he left for work. This beautiful baby was suspended from the ceiling to greet Roomie right at face level.

I will eat you!

For some reason Matt’s brother and another friend also decided to celebrate National F**K with roomie day. This was not actually discussed between any of us. Everyone had their own plot and agenda for the day.
The boys came over in the afternoon while roomie was away at work with multiple rolls of tin foil. Their evil deed involved covering roomie’s entire new truck in tin foil. They covered every single piece of the inside and outside of his truck! Roomie has not even been able to register the truck yet! It was so neat looking that the neighbors also stopped by to take pictures.

Now, any normal person might stop right there and think well a good morning scare and a tin foil truck is probably good enough. Any normal person would stop right there, kick up their feet to a job well done and wait for the victim to see their hard work. You however, step into the Griswold realm of reality and we do not “stop right there at a job well done”, oh no my friends!

We proceeded to spend at least the next hour filling balloon after bloody balloon (roughly 800!) with the precious air from our lungs to fill as much of roomie’s bedroom as we could. It was a team effort and was hard work. The teenager threw in her 2 cents as well with streamers o fun!
The finished product was just glorious!

To top it off, roomie had to potty in more ways than one and came home to find the fruits of our labor had completely blocked his bathroom door. He literally disappeared into a sea of balloons before emerging again unsuccessful in his mission.
Roomie will be popping balloons and unwrapping his tin foil truck for days or maybe even weeks. I expected to hear giggles every time we hear a balloon pop and maybe even when we hear the tin foil song of our leftovers.

I look forward to National F**k with roomie day of 2012. Time to start plotting now for bigger and better things!

However we must keep in mind that F**k with Krystal, Matt, Teenager and all other friends & family day has in the past and may again arise at any point without warning. Ahh Griswold life is entertaining !

He looks much happier than he actually was!

Do you have any special family holidays? Tell us about it.
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The 3am drunken visitor

Matt and I don’t get to spend a lot of time together with our current work schedules. When we do have nights together we usually stay up late and relax and talk on the front porch. The weekends we spend together, we stay up even later. So this explains why we are up at 3am on Saturday night and we also happen to be on the front porch together.

This Saturday at about 3am a strange car pulled into our driveway. Matt and Roomie walked out to the driveway to investigate. A female stumbled up to them and began a random conversation stating she was looking for her friend at a party. She also made sure to tell them that she was drunk and f**ked up. She had her friend/neighbor in the car as well.

Matt being a police officer saw this as suspicious & possibly even a diversion on the females part. Matt tried to be nice to get rid of her but then had to get a bit mean while Roomie had his back. The girl stumbled back into the car & the male driver then threw unknown items out of the car and onto our driveway. Matt being at least twice this little guys size then approached the car and explained in a VERY polite and courteous manner (wink wink) that the male should exit his car and retrieve the items he had “lost”. The male gracefully complied. (Must have been because of how nicely Matt asked). The male then got back into his car and drove away exclaiming out the window that he should kick Matt’s “ass”. This guy had every opportunity to make that attempt but I guess didn’t think of it until he was safe and driving away.

The moral of this story is that Matt is a complete “Sh!t Magnet” It doesn’t matter if he’s at work or at home…it has a strange, ironic way of coming to him.

Do you have any stories of drunken, crazy, funny or just weird late night visitors ? Tell us about it !

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Free Ticket Tuesday

It’s free ticket Tuesday today.

If you live in the area then you know that this means you can listen to Mix 105.1 all day and if you are caller 15 – you win a great prize!

They do this every Tuesday and it’s always something different. This week it was 2 movie passes to see the new Harry Potter movie and 4 tickets to Universal Studios Orlando and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


I tried this all day! There were multiple times in the day to try. I really want to go to Universal and Harry Potter’s little land there. Yes, I’m a fan of Harry Potter.

So in true Griswold fashion, I was unable to win. I’m sure I’m like many others but did many others first try the wrong number multiple times in a row?

Did everyone else call at the wrong time?

Did everyone else get caller 14! 14! What a tease!!

I also had busy tones, fast busy tones and 2 different operator recordings multiple times tell me that my call could not be completed as dialed. i was using redial, if it worked once it should work every time!

So yes, I tried to win all day and was unable to do so.

I love the station and that they give away great prizes but COME ON!!

I was teased and tortured all day and continued to screw up and then only come a little close to tasting the gold!

Have you ever won anything from a station? Do you agree that I should be the one to win?

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The Griswolds Visit Sea World

Myself and 4 other family members were originally supposed to go to Sea World’s Aquatica, but plans changed and we decided on Sea World. However, family members started to drop like flies and it ended up being just me and the teenager.

It was HOT! Sooo very very hot and miserable. The heat index was well over 100 degrees. I think part of my body literally melted right off.

The first thing we did was jump in line for the Manta! If you haven’t been there or heard of it, it’s a roller coaster and it lays you down on your stomach when you ride. It’s a bit creepy actually!

There was no line at all except for a few people for the first row. So we jumped in line for first row and what happens? The ride breaks down! We wait 20 mins before it starts again!

I then waste $7  on a locker because the Sea World lady lied to me about having temporary lockers. They DO have them and she told me they didn’t!

Another ride broke down while we were in line – Atlantis, the water ride. We really needed a water ride but because we were in line….it broke down!!

I was super excited to check out the dolphin petting area. I remember when I was a kid it was so great. What a joke! It’s separated now it to what I like to think of as the “rich” section and the “poor” section. The rich people had food and they got to play with and pet the dolphins. I was on the poor side and you were not even allowed to attempt to pet then!

Taken from the poor side of the dolphin pool!

Teen petting the sting rays

We did like petting the sting rays though!

We hit the Shamu show too. This is NOTHING like it used to be – granted, they are more careful after losing a human  life there a year ago. The trainers were obviously a little scared of the whales, they didn’t go near them the whole time. They just threw fish at them!

(Written by Krystal)

Between the cancellations, the broken rides, the heat, the locker lie and losing the car for a short period of time – it really was a Griswold type of day! However, I can’t wait to go back!

Have you ever been to Sea World? How was your visit?