Being Thankful

This post is a smidge on the late side huh? I guess life swept me up again and carried me away!!

I started this post about being Thankful before Thanksgiving which is the day that EVERYONE in the blog world was posting about being thankful …. soooo to keep up the tradition of being a Griswold and an always Late Laura, here is my Thankful post!

I’m thankful this year for my husband and our second year of marriage. We made it yet another year in this hard hard world. I love you my super cute stinkapotamus!

I’m thankful for my wonderful family. This includes my husbands wonderful family as well. I have so many caring people in my life.

I’m thankful for the fact that I have a job, a car and a house. So many people in our country, state and town don’t have 1 or more of these things. Being that it is after Thanksgiving, I am now thankful for a wonderful family filled Thanksgiving holiday. It was awesome. I love all of you and wish we could have more days like that! Looking forward to Christmas!

I’m thankful that my cousins baby girl was born beautiful and healthy this year.

I’m thankful for the show “How I Met Your Mother” I just recently started watching this show and I LOVE it!

I’m thankful for friends close and far. You are all great and wish that everyone was close to me all the time. Thank you all for everything!

I’m thankful for “The Vampire Diaries” too and Ian Somerhalder – He’s hot!

I’m thankful for delicious dinners and TV shows with my teenager, once in a while she makes me feel young.

I’m thankful for girls days full of snacks and Twilight movies – Including Breaking Dawn which I am so thankful I was able to see it already.

So anyway… what are all of you thankful for this season and this non-thanksgiving Tuesday?



Just a Random Thought for Today

I hate forwards. I am talking mostly about email forwards but I am now seeing them on Facebook and other social sites. Now it is even more annoying than when it was just in my email box.
Of course I don’t mean every forward so please don’t get all offended or pissy with me. I like when people send me something funny or cute to entertain me. I just hate when that email says “now send this to 25 people who need to smile today!”  Oh and it also says to send to the person who sent it to you – or you don’t like that person!

I also hate the religious forwards that claim I don’t love God or believe in God if I don’t send the angel on to more people. I pretty much delete all of those and I am to the point of not even reading the email at all. Does this mean I don’t believe in God? The emails basically say if you don’t believe then delete.

And if all of that wasn’t bad enough now we get to see them in text messages too !

Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw: Send this message to 17 people in 8 minutes or God will eat a kitten !

From the looks of all of those “Fw:’s” it seems that many people got that text & thought “Oh my ! not a kitten, why God why!?” and then rushed into the contacts & hit select all for a nice group text. Shew !…saved a kitten!

Come on people, if God is going to eat a kitten your text message is NOT going to stop him ! I don’t want this text, I don’t read this text and I am not forwarding this text to anyone. I like kittens as much as the next person but some things are just out of our hands !

If you absolutely MUST send this text, those “Fw:’s” can be deleted ya know ! You don’t have to add another one each time. Unless doing that will make God eat a whole kitty litter (nice pun!) but if it says that in the text I missed it because I didn’t read it.

A lot of my day is spent weeding through forwards in my email. I skim through a forward for key words like Angel, God, Kitten, and then usually delete the forward unless it has really great “People of Walmart” pictures! I look at those and guess what? I forward them too – after deleting all the FW’s from the subject line!

Once I leave work I have to deal with forward texts, and most of them are the same forwards from my email but without the cute little pictures of crap.

Am I crazy? Does anyone agree with me here? Tell me about it so I don’t feel like the only loser not saving kittens from God’s tummy!

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Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July is a big deal at our house. It’s not just America’s birthday. We celebrate family too. The Armstrongs have always had a large 4th of July and Matt and I continue the tradition. This year was great just like all the others. Besides the fact that the family babies were not always pleased with our show of lights, it was a very non-griswoldesk kind of year. Somehow, not one thing went wrong! It’s an AMAZING feat to acomplish and we pulled it off this year! We’re proud!

We spend the day having fun, eating, playing ball, and jumping around!

As the night sets in we like to sit around watching the fireworks. We do our own, at home, in the driveway.

Sometimes we take pictures and video of the really good ones.

During and after the show of lights, we like to be goofy, have fun, have some drinks and hang out with friends and family.

There is nothing quite like the smell of the 4th of July. It’s smoke, bug spray, charcoal and hot dogs. I’m sure it’s not a great marketing idea for a candle but it smells great on the 4th. It’s the smell of summer, family gatherings, delicious foods and simple fun.

How was your 4th? Tell us about it!

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The Roomate

It’s not just a movie…it’s our reality.

Yup, we have a “roommate”.

He’s a guy, he pays us money, we give him a room.

He cooks in our kitchen too.

He hoards things in his room.  : (

Sometimes we let him hang out with us.

He does lots of favors too. (Store runs, McDonalds, heavy lifting, spider killing….) Even though he’s deathly afraid of spiders. We have seen him run, flail about and scream like a school girl at the sight of a spider. It’s lots of fun to make him think a spider is on him !

Most people wouldn’t consider a roommate, especially when they are supposed to be in a “honeymoon” phase, but we aren’t most people and we let this family friend stick around. He will be known as “roomie” on this blog. We call him a couple other things around the house but it probably isn’t appropriate to share. It’s all in good fun, trust us! Roomie laughs and offers his own nicknames for us as well.

If you were ever a friend of the show “Friends”, you will know what we mean when we say roomie is our “Joey”…we are pretty sure he’s ours forever…as if we fed a stray dog. Roomie has earned his stay though…he has been the victim of years worth of pranks and idiocracy and has proven himself a good sport.

Do any of you have a “roomie”?

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