Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July is a big deal at our house. It’s not just America’s birthday. We celebrate family too. The Armstrongs have always had a large 4th of July and Matt and I continue the tradition. This year was great just like all the others. Besides the fact that the family babies were not always pleased with our show of lights, it was a very non-griswoldesk kind of year. Somehow, not one thing went wrong! It’s an AMAZING feat to acomplish and we pulled it off this year! We’re proud!

We spend the day having fun, eating, playing ball, and jumping around!

As the night sets in we like to sit around watching the fireworks. We do our own, at home, in the driveway.

Sometimes we take pictures and video of the really good ones.

During and after the show of lights, we like to be goofy, have fun, have some drinks and hang out with friends and family.

There is nothing quite like the smell of the 4th of July. It’s smoke, bug spray, charcoal and hot dogs. I’m sure it’s not a great marketing idea for a candle but it smells great on the 4th. It’s the smell of summer, family gatherings, delicious foods and simple fun.

How was your 4th? Tell us about it!

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Wow! It seems like I have been neglecting my blog the past few days!!

Well I kind of have I suppose. It’s been busy!

We are in preparations for the upcoming holiday.

The 4th is a huge deal at the Griswold house. We LOVE it!

We have a family/friend party every year with food and fireworks, and oh, some fun too. This means that the shopping has to be done, the food has to be cooked and the house has to be cleaned. It’s a big job really.

We are almost done with the hard part today. Tomorrow is the big day and I am sure I will be MIA once again.

I will be preparing a blog post on our 4th festivities though so stay tuned for that….it sure to be awesome!