Happy Birthday Crash…Here’s your Gift

Our puppy turned one this month. He was born one year ago, and honestly, the toddler in him has been beginning to show. We discussed the fact that it was time for Crash to lose some of his man parts. It’s quite a brutal tradition, I know, but it’s usually necessary in domesticated animals. They become wild beasts and if he were to slip past someone and get out! Oh my! No more puppies please!

So alas, the appointment needed to be made and I was in charge of this task. I was speaking with the vet’s office and making the appointment. The available date was July 13th. It didn’t hit me until she asked me for Crash’s birth-date. “Ohhh shoot! His birthday is actually the 13th” I tell her. After a short giggle and joke from each of us, I kept the 13th appointment, I mean, he has no idea it’s his birthday….right?

Now, if anyone else has ever had an animal “fixed” and had to deal with the dreaded cone, then you understand before even reading this why it’s the “dreaded cone”.

My poor guy, they brought him out to me all drugged and weighted down with this cone around his head. I could hear them coming down the hall. My pup with his head dragging and the cone scraping the ground and the vet coaxing him to raise his head. It was quite comical to hear. My pup was all stressed out and he has a puddle of drool and hair inside his nasty little cone. It was a LONG trip home.

Once home, he continued to drag his little head and crash into things. Once he would crash into something, he just froze there and waited for assistance. It was pathetic actually and sad that it was his birthday, however, it’s one we will always remember.

It was the next day when we finally had a little birthday celebration. (which yes, I know is way more for us than for him!)

It turned out to be a happy little birthday after all, and I don’t think he even remembers that on his actual birthday he gave away his boys.

Anyone else have funny birthday stories? What about funny stories about the “dreaded cone”?

Tell us about them, if you feel pity for our pup then share this story and follow us too!

Updated Post Information:

A reader commented that it would be funny to visualize my hubby with the “cone” around his neck. I agreed 100%!


Living up to your name

We don’t give our animals people names. We try to name them things that we like, that are easy for them to understand and flow well when you call them to you.

We have Clohe, Clover, Frady, Moo, Zaira, Crash, Sox, Fenway and Karma. (Dogs, cats & ferrets).

We got all of our animals when they were babies and we usually name them within a couple of days.

Frady Cat was 1 of 4 that my mom and I rescued and fostered about 5 years ago. We named all 4 of the babies and Matt dubbed Frady with the name “Frady Cat” because it seemed cool to have a cat named Frady Cat. We decided to keep 2 of those 4 kittens and Frady was one of them. We had no idea what a perfect name we had chosen for this little guy.

Frady Cat is literally a Frady Cat! He lives most of his life in a cabinet. When he comes out of the cabinet he never leaves the room the cabinet is located in. This is a cabinet on a large computer desk. We keep the cat food and water and litter in the room with this desk because he doesn’t come out of the room! If you were to come visit, you would find him in his cabinet. He has a hair collection growing in there. It’s hard to clean it out because he is always in there hiding from the world!

We also unknowingly chose a perfect name for Crash. Matt picked Crash up from a far away place and drove him home when he was 3 months. On the way home, Matt passed a car crash that had just happened on the side of the road and pulled over to help. He felt that Crash would be a neat name because of that little moment together and he thought Crash sounded like a pretty cool dog name. Once again, once we decided on the name Crash, we had no idea how perfect it would actually be for a new little guy.

Within a few days of giving him his name he showed us his colors. He became something of a bull in a china shop. He crashes into everything, the walls, the furniture, and people too! He just mows everything in his path down.

He is actually just about to crash into Matt's leg!

Do any of your pets live up to their name? Tell us about it.

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Zaira’s Ball

Somewhat stemming of our “Are we running a Zoo” post, I’ll introduce Zaira. She’s another of our wonderful dogs. Zaira is 3 1/2 and we have had her for a little over 3 years.

Zaira was never quite as bad as Crash when she was a puppy BUT, she was bad!

When Zaira was little she liked to go out back and play ball. She LOVED it! So when the days were short, I found a ball that glows in the dark so we could go out even after dark and play.

She became attached to that ball like a toddler to a security blanket. Here we are years later and she is still toting that ball around everywhere she goes. Now, Zaira was an is a chewer and destroyer SOOO she burned through the first ball and chewed a big hole in it. We had to buy another one.

The second ball was green and at first she shunned it as not “her” ball, but soon after jumped on board and it was as if it had always been “the one”.

We had to buy another one – it was pink like the first and she jumped right in with that ball too.

We still have ball number 3 but are prepared for the worst with other balls.

I’m not sure her life would be the same without that ball.

She eats with it.

She sleeps with it.

She gets held with it.

She met Crash with it.

She gets hugs with it.

She plays with other toys with it.

And she relaxes with it.

Does your dog have a favorite toy? What is it?

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Sh*t my dog did

Sooo sweet

That’s Crash, he’s our American Bulldog. He was born on July 13, 2010 so he’s technically still a puppy. Doesn’t he look like the cutest, most innocent baby you’ve ever seen!? When he was little he was so sweet and cuddly. Then he started to grow, and grow and then grow some more. We should have known that something THAT cute was too good to be true!

He got soooo big! He’s now about 70 pounds and can stand on his back feet at almost 5 feet tall!!

So as Crash was growing, he became quite destructive. He destroyed dog toys, some DVD’s, shoes, my jewelry,dog collars (like the awesome RED SOX  one in his picture below) and tons of shoe laces. You know, pretty much anything he could get his mouth on.

We learned a valuable lesson and started tucking EVERYTHING away somewhere he couldn’t get it.

Innocent Looks are Deceiving

What happened next was a little more destructive and not so easily replaced. He started on the couch. It was a gradual process. He worked on this every couple days until he finished.

He also liked fish rocks. He ripped the bag apart and even ate plenty of those rocks. They were stored away in the cabinet below the fish tank but he figured out how to open the cabinet. He ate the rocks and ruined all the bottles of chemicals for the tank (no, he did not ingest or consume any of them luckily).

That's fish rocks on the rug

Oh, so back to that gradual couch process. The next series of pictures shows what the couch looks like now. He finally took care of all those pesky cushions. Who needs those? You can also see some wonderful wall damage he wanted to leave for us. This breed loves to push, pull, tug and destroy so he has toys and activities outside as well as toys inside that we hoped would quench that thirst. No. That was not the case. Crash loves his toys but even more, he LOVES a nice couch ! He even seems a bit proud when caught re-designing. He looks at you happy and smiling like “Hey guys !…Come see what I made !”.

The after couch

Yes, that’s correct, the cute little guy you see below did that to our couch. He seems to like it better this way, although we don’t actually agree with him. Does anyone agree? You could borrow my little designer for a few days if you want to. So he’s our not so little destroyer, creator of chaos, our monster but somehow he’s still sweet and we love him.

So, has your wonderfully innocent pet done anything this kind for you? Tell us about it.

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