Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my husband. I love you! It’s been a great two years and a great 8ish before that!


All these years later and the little things still drive me crazy! (candy wrappers, stinky feet, hair in the sink, soda cans) But they are so worth all the great things you do. (love notes, vitamins, packing lunch, going to the store, waking me up)

I have said it before and I still feel it – we have a great thing! Sometimes we are off our game and things seem a little off but I always love you more than anything else! I love you and love everything you do for me!

I can’t wait for the rest of our life together my love!¬† Happy Anniversary!!



I sure do love that guy!! All his silly antics and his stinky ole socks included!

How many years have you been married? How’s married life?


Our Graveyard Date

It has been a looong time since Matt and I had a “date”. We haven’t been out just the 2 of us in quite some time.

This weekend with the teenager at a friends…we decided to head to St. Augustine. St, Augustine was founded in 1565 and is it is the oldest continuously occupied European-established city and port in the continental United States. There are many old and original buildings in the city. For example, it houses the oldest wooden school-house. There are tons of ghost stories that surround the buildings and cemeteries.

You can take multiple different ghost walks and tours around the city and learn where all the different sites are. It’s really cool! We have taken about 5 different walks over time and this time we decided to just walk around on our own and take pictures around town.

This post is just for fun. Look close at all our pictures and let me know of you see anything interesting or creepy!

Haunted Bed and Breakfast

Old Drug Store


Old Building - Now a Winery

When was your last date? Where did you go? See anything interesting in our pictures? Have you ever been to St. Augustine or any haunted cities?

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Me, Us and Him

Some random funsies about Matt and I:

I LOVE pajamas. If I am at home, I am usually in my pajamas. If it was appropriate, I would wear them everywhere. I once used Halloween as an excuse to wear pajamas to work.

We are hardcore Red Sox fans.

Matt only removes his shoes at the edge of the bed at night. He wears them all day, everyday. He even wears them to the beach and in the water.

I prefer to bust a move on my elliptical, barefoot.

We only get to sleep in our bed together 4 nights a month.

Matt now has 13 Red Sox shirts/jerseys.

I am a cat person. Matt calls me crazy cat lady.

We are animal lovers.

Matt is a dog person. He only likes our cats, but loves all dogs.

I used to want to be an opera singer.

We both love Salvador Dali. He is our favorite artist.

Matt lived as a dog (by choice) for part of his childhood.

I love the Twilight saga. I got hooked and I love it.

We don’t have very many pictures of us as a couple.

Matt likes eating mustard sandwiches. (no meat or cheese)

I want a baby so very badly.

We both work full-time jobs, on different schedules.

Matt is a major goofball.

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