New Year – New Start – New Fun

Happy 2013 to Everyone!!


I guess I lost the blog “bug” awhile back. Life happens…right?

So, I figure the Mayans were wrong and we are all still here chugging away at life. It seems like the perfect time to start fresh and get back to blogging all about my life and feelings! Yay for all of you!

I don’t usually have New Years Resolutions, but, I think this year I’m going to have a few and perhaps blog about how I am doing with them periodically through 2013. That way I will either:

A. Keep up with them..or

B. See how funny they were in 6 months when I haven’t thought about them again.

So….here they are: New Years Resolutions for 2013:

1. Be part of a Flash Mob (if anyone hears of any in Central Fl. let me know!)

2. Remain positive while at work at least 3 days a week. : )

3. Be Healthy – this is a general goal that makes sense to me. Just be healthy.

4. Work towards a fun and successful blog (it’s hard work)

That’s it for 2013. Those are my goals. I hope to write more specific blogs on some of them as the year goes on.



Our Graveyard Date

It has been a looong time since Matt and I had a “date”. We haven’t been out just the 2 of us in quite some time.

This weekend with the teenager at a friends…we decided to head to St. Augustine. St, Augustine was founded in 1565 and is it is the oldest continuously occupied European-established city and port in the continental United States. There are many old and original buildings in the city. For example, it houses the oldest wooden school-house. There are tons of ghost stories that surround the buildings and cemeteries.

You can take multiple different ghost walks and tours around the city and learn where all the different sites are. It’s really cool! We have taken about 5 different walks over time and this time we decided to just walk around on our own and take pictures around town.

This post is just for fun. Look close at all our pictures and let me know of you see anything interesting or creepy!

Haunted Bed and Breakfast

Old Drug Store


Old Building - Now a Winery

When was your last date? Where did you go? See anything interesting in our pictures? Have you ever been to St. Augustine or any haunted cities?

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The Homecoming Craze


It’s the Homecoming season all around. All the high schools are playing homecoming games, having homecoming festivals and having a homecoming dance. Our city and the teens school recently had theirs. She was part of all the festivities as a cheerleader.

The weekend before homecoming, I descended upon one of the most expensive shopping trips of my adult life where none of the money was spent on me!!

The teen, a friend of hers and I loaded up in the early afternoon to set off on a journey to find ……. “The Perfect Dress”  If you are female you know all about this journey. If you are male and you have a female in your life who drags you along to offer opinions and carry all the crap, then you also know all about this journey as well.

Once we reached our destination, and then 18 dresses later she finally put on “the one”, you know, the one that makes you squeal and jump and cry out…”I want it, I want it, I want it!” Yeah, that’s the one! Finally, 18 dresses in, she had found it. It was a beautiful dress too. The price?? Not so beautiful, in fact, it was THE most expensive dress she put on. Sigh.. what could I do though as I looked at her excited and hopeful face. Fine! I told her she could have it.

Did you think this journey was over? Oh no my friends, we still had an agenda. Every homecoming dress needs shoes and jewelry too.

We headed off with dress in hand and entered every God forsaken store with shoes we saw. None of the shoes were perfect! None of them. We wandered and stopped and tried things on and wandered some more.

Yes! These are the exact shoes she finally picked!

We decided to take a dinner break and head closer to home to some big department stores.

Dinner!! Ahhh,,,, three people, drinks, appetizer, food and dessert! Ugghhh…the wallet took another punch in the stomach! It’s okay though because we didn’t eat lunch so this total is for 6 meals!!

We headed to Kohls where we finally found shoes, and then a necklace and earrings (that she didn’t even wear!!!!!) and a bracelet. Ohhh .. another hit to the wallet and 7 hours later we had everything we needed! She was ready for homecoming.

So Beautiful


Did you go to Homecoming in High School? Are you in High School now? Have you been dress shopping lately? What do you think of that dress?? Tell me your thoughts!! Like this post, share with friends and follow us with the link on the right!

Trips to Walmart

If you have been reading my blog for any certain amount of time, you should know by now that I blog about anything and everything and sometimes even nothing. Today’s post is just for fun!

I was looking through some old pictures for a project I am doing and I noticed multiple trips to walmart and even one to Ikea where we had maybe a little too much fun while there. Let the pictures speak for themselves…..

This last one was a fun trip to Ikea. Roomie is a major goof!

So honestly, how would you react to seeing any of these things take place? I would be thinking – but alas, these are MY people of Walmart so I didn’t send the photos. That’s cheating! We do have fun though!

Yes, today is a mindless silly post, but, it’s Tuesday and sometimes Tuesday can be more of a drag than Monday! Oh, and I’m tired. It’s hard to not be silly when you’re tired!

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Texts from a drunken night

I was in Niagra Falls recently and it just so happened that my entire family (From my dad’s side) was going to be there. All of us together. This would be the first time in about 15 years. So yes, we had some fun.

The only members of my family missing happened to be my husband and the teenager who both stayed behind. Our 10 animals needed a babysitter and the teenager had school.

The point of this post is the fun of drunken texts. I had a little too much fun on our last night there while Matt was home having a little too much fun of his own. The two of us mostly communicated through texts and I want to share them with all of you.

Me: There are weirdos here!

Matt: I love you and I can’t feel my toes

Me: I live you top, Th toes/ my face!

Matt: Huh?


Me: Is everyone sloping ghetto

Me: In f**ked too. Since king 4birds age

Me: My phone is suing?

Me: fuing

Me: dieing

Matt: 4birds age?? double you tee eff


Me: I can home Fri cornfield. In from. I ythinkb it passes out not

Me: I lib you too

Me: Please remember to take cat of aminals

Matt: What’s up with a cornfiwld?


Me: I Dublin! I’m have to Gordon. Sleep. I’ve been up since ten and drink sombre 4. Bed fog me. I love job and hold job Gabriel s good hint. PleDged be good any art you red lly film! I miss oh. A bunches.

So there is some of what was said between the two of us on this wonderous night! Drunk texting and auto correct do not mix. I wonder what it would have looked like without Autocorrect!

Do you have any great drunken texts? Send them our way! I’d love to compare. Plus…they make me laugh!

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Sometimes I can be a little lame

This weekend the teenager and I headed out on a road trip to GA. Our mission…to tour and visit the town where the film The Vampire Diaries. So yes, as the title of this blog says…I can be a little lame but I love it! I love the show, I love the cast and I loved the town they film in as well.

The trip started out really great. We made awesome time, listen to great music, had some chats and some tasty snacks! The road trip up was great! We stayed in a Hampton Inn in Covington, GA and I have to say, it was really nice. We didn’t have a suite or any extravagant amenities, but it was a very nice hotel.

We arrived a little tired but ready to head to town to have a look around and grab some dinner. We pulled into a small town atmosphere and parked to walk around. We saw things right away that we recognized from the show. It was awesome to stand where our vampire crushes stood to film scenes we loved. We were looking upon the Mystic Grill in awe. It was a Sunday night so there was no filming taking place but we had high hopes for the next day. As for Sunday night, we just took in the small town atmosphere, grabbed some Subway and headed to the hotel for some rest.

The next morning we were meeting up with my SIL for a day of fun. We had a Mystic Falls tour scheduled and were really hoping to see some filming and meet some stars! We had even checked Twitter and read that they were on set!

However, we are The Griswold’s and no trip is complete without Griswold like luck. It follows us like a dark cloud. It’s a curse we have to live with.

We toured the town with a wonderful couple and saw all the sites and houses we know from the show but we never saw any filming taking place. We learned that one of the locations is about an hour away and it completely gated and blocked from the public. Ugh! We just knew that this must be where they were filming the show on Monday and we would not be able to see filming or have a chance to meet the cast! Damn Griswold luck!

We did have an awesome day on our tour, walking the town together, taking picturesand having lunch in a tasty little cafe, The Square Perk Cafe. At lunch we learned that the cast was indeed, not filming in town that day and would not be in town until Wednesday! We were leaving later that same day!

While the news was very disappointing, we still had a fun day. The town was beautiful, the people were friendly, and we experienced some of that southern hospitality you hear about. I can’t wait to go back. The next time I will be sure to plan a day when I know filming will be in town.Thank you to the Mystic Falls Tour, the employees at Square Perk and the Hampton Inn.You all made the visit wonderful!

So tell me…are you lame as well? Do you love The Vampire Diaries? Have you been on the tour? Have you ever seen filming for anything??

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The Chase

I met Matt in 2003. I was 22 , almost 23 years old. I lived at home with my parents at that time and would come to Matt’s house to hang out.

Matt has always been very protective of his family, the neighborhood and the neighbors.

About a month after we met we were hanging out at night and Matt was painting parts of my car for me in “cool” colors so we were outside near the garage. All of a sudden we hear a couple banging noises coming from the neighbor’s house and Matt ran over and saw that there was a van of kids throwing eggs at the neighbor’s house and cars. He told me to jump in the car and we took off after them at full speed. And I mean full speed, with screeching tires and a little fish tailing too!

I had never been with anyone quite like Matt before. He was into guns, tattoos, fast cars, chasing people down and high-speed chases! I had never been on a high-speed car chase but here I was, part of one!

There’s nothing quite like the smell of burning rubber and lust. This guy was so HOT! I think I caught a whiff of love in the air that night too.  

It was fun, exciting, and exhilarating really! It was one of things that I loved about him! It was so different from anything I had ever experienced with any other boys I had dated. We ended up chasing this van for about 15 mins and reported them to police. It felt good! We were able to call the police and report the vandalism. The kids ended up coming back with their parents to apologize! That part was funny!

Matt’s favorite part about the night was that I went straight home and told my mom all about it. I couldn’t wait! My mom was horrified! She thought it was reckless and dangerous. “What if they had a gun?” she said. “It’s OK mom”, I told her. “Matt keeps a gun in the glove box of the car!” Oh my! It was like I told her he was an ex-con or something! My parents are not pro-gun people. She was not pleased that my brand new boyfriend, who she had not even met, took me on a car chase with a gun in the car!!

Perhaps it was the glow in my face, or the light in my eyes, but my mom put the incident behind her and eventually met my future husband and despite the danger, and the tattoos, and the intimidating appearance, she liked him too.

Over the years we have had multiple adventures both scary and exciting but I think we wil both remember this one forever!

Tell us about an adventure with your partner.

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The Griswolds Visit Sea World

Myself and 4 other family members were originally supposed to go to Sea World’s Aquatica, but plans changed and we decided on Sea World. However, family members started to drop like flies and it ended up being just me and the teenager.

It was HOT! Sooo very very hot and miserable. The heat index was well over 100 degrees. I think part of my body literally melted right off.

The first thing we did was jump in line for the Manta! If you haven’t been there or heard of it, it’s a roller coaster and it lays you down on your stomach when you ride. It’s a bit creepy actually!

There was no line at all except for a few people for the first row. So we jumped in line for first row and what happens? The ride breaks down! We wait 20 mins before it starts again!

I then waste $7  on a locker because the Sea World lady lied to me about having temporary lockers. They DO have them and she told me they didn’t!

Another ride broke down while we were in line – Atlantis, the water ride. We really needed a water ride but because we were in line….it broke down!!

I was super excited to check out the dolphin petting area. I remember when I was a kid it was so great. What a joke! It’s separated now it to what I like to think of as the “rich” section and the “poor” section. The rich people had food and they got to play with and pet the dolphins. I was on the poor side and you were not even allowed to attempt to pet then!

Taken from the poor side of the dolphin pool!

Teen petting the sting rays

We did like petting the sting rays though!

We hit the Shamu show too. This is NOTHING like it used to be – granted, they are more careful after losing a human  life there a year ago. The trainers were obviously a little scared of the whales, they didn’t go near them the whole time. They just threw fish at them!

(Written by Krystal)

Between the cancellations, the broken rides, the heat, the locker lie and losing the car for a short period of time – it really was a Griswold type of day! However, I can’t wait to go back!

Have you ever been to Sea World? How was your visit?