Dear old Golden Rule Days….

Yes, that’s right….it’s school time again! It’s not just for the kids, but for me too and I am just miserable about it. I really don’t think I will enjoy this semester at all!
If you know me than you already know that I am, of course, good at everything.
If you do not know me, then guess what?? I am good at everything. (of course)
Well, everything except for math, and I can admit this because I feel that math is stupid and that it comes straight from Hell!

Numbers are just ugly.

Unless they are on a check that is made out to me!

I expect to be close to death by December because of this class.

I hope I make it through.

Anyone out there want to strengthen their relationship with Hell and take this class for me?

This is why you never take time off between High School and college. You end up in your thirties (I refuse to write the number version) taking Algebra!

Go to school kids, right away!!

Share this post and let’s all stand against numbers and only write them in letter form. (Ex – One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars!!)


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