The 3am drunken visitor

Matt and I don’t get to spend a lot of time together with our current work schedules. When we do have nights together we usually stay up late and relax and talk on the front porch. The weekends we spend together, we stay up even later. So this explains why we are up at 3am on Saturday night and we also happen to be on the front porch together.

This Saturday at about 3am a strange car pulled into our driveway. Matt and Roomie walked out to the driveway to investigate. A female stumbled up to them and began a random conversation stating she was looking for her friend at a party. She also made sure to tell them that she was drunk and f**ked up. She had her friend/neighbor in the car as well.

Matt being a police officer saw this as suspicious & possibly even a diversion on the females part. Matt tried to be nice to get rid of her but then had to get a bit mean while Roomie had his back. The girl stumbled back into the car & the male driver then threw unknown items out of the car and onto our driveway. Matt being at least twice this little guys size then approached the car and explained in a VERY polite and courteous manner (wink wink) that the male should exit his car and retrieve the items he had “lost”. The male gracefully complied. (Must have been because of how nicely Matt asked). The male then got back into his car and drove away exclaiming out the window that he should kick Matt’s “ass”. This guy had every opportunity to make that attempt but I guess didn’t think of it until he was safe and driving away.

The moral of this story is that Matt is a complete “Sh!t Magnet” It doesn’t matter if he’s at work or at home…it has a strange, ironic way of coming to him.

Do you have any stories of drunken, crazy, funny or just weird late night visitors ? Tell us about it !

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