Free Ticket Tuesday

It’s free ticket Tuesday today.

If you live in the area then you know that this means you can listen to Mix 105.1 all day and if you are caller 15 – you win a great prize!

They do this every Tuesday and it’s always something different. This week it was 2 movie passes to see the new Harry Potter movie and 4 tickets to Universal Studios Orlando and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


I tried this all day! There were multiple times in the day to try. I really want to go to Universal and Harry Potter’s little land there. Yes, I’m a fan of Harry Potter.

So in true Griswold fashion, I was unable to win. I’m sure I’m like many others but did many others first try the wrong number multiple times in a row?

Did everyone else call at the wrong time?

Did everyone else get caller 14! 14! What a tease!!

I also had busy tones, fast busy tones and 2 different operator recordings multiple times tell me that my call could not be completed as dialed. i was using redial, if it worked once it should work every time!

So yes, I tried to win all day and was unable to do so.

I love the station and that they give away great prizes but COME ON!!

I was teased and tortured all day and continued to screw up and then only come a little close to tasting the gold!

Have you ever won anything from a station? Do you agree that I should be the one to win?

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