The 3am drunken visitor

Matt and I don’t get to spend a lot of time together with our current work schedules. When we do have nights together we usually stay up late and relax and talk on the front porch. The weekends we spend together, we stay up even later. So this explains why we are up at 3am on Saturday night and we also happen to be on the front porch together.

This Saturday at about 3am a strange car pulled into our driveway. Matt and Roomie walked out to the driveway to investigate. A female stumbled up to them and began a random conversation stating she was looking for her friend at a party. She also made sure to tell them that she was drunk and f**ked up. She had her friend/neighbor in the car as well.

Matt being a police officer saw this as suspicious & possibly even a diversion on the females part. Matt tried to be nice to get rid of her but then had to get a bit mean while Roomie had his back. The girl stumbled back into the car & the male driver then threw unknown items out of the car and onto our driveway. Matt being at least twice this little guys size then approached the car and explained in a VERY polite and courteous manner (wink wink) that the male should exit his car and retrieve the items he had “lost”. The male gracefully complied. (Must have been because of how nicely Matt asked). The male then got back into his car and drove away exclaiming out the window that he should kick Matt’s “ass”. This guy had every opportunity to make that attempt but I guess didn’t think of it until he was safe and driving away.

The moral of this story is that Matt is a complete “Sh!t Magnet” It doesn’t matter if he’s at work or at home…it has a strange, ironic way of coming to him.

Do you have any stories of drunken, crazy, funny or just weird late night visitors ? Tell us about it !

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A Mystery Comedy Dinner Show

So, the teenager turned 15 this past week. It’s a pretty big milestone. Where we live, at 15, you can get a learner’s permit, you’re usually a sophomore in High School, and you’re half way to 30! So it’s a pretty big day!
We asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she decided that she wanted to go with 2 of her friends to a dinner theater.
We have a few good ones near us and they are all a lot of fun. We decided to go to Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show, which is also a comedy.

All 5 of us loaded up for a night of fun and food. It really was a lot of fun. You have a little food, watch some of the show, eat some more while discussing with your table who the murderer might be, then you watch a little more, ask some questions of the actors and then you get to eat dessert while the show concludes. It’s really very organized and a lot of fun!

We called ahead of time and told them that our teenager was coming for her birthday and do they do anything special. We ordered a cake and they told us they sing to all birthdays, give a little gift and of course the cake we ordered too.

The girls had a great time and so did the parents! We all loved it. The actors and the show was hilarious, the food was pretty good too and the staff was really excellent.

If you have or will become a tourist in the Orlando area then you should set a night to go to the Sleuth’s dinner theater. I promise you will love it!

It was a fun night and nothing Griswoldesk happened to any of us.

Happy Birthday to the Teenager!

What did you do for your last birthday? Or your child’s last party?

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Blog rut and Happy Birthday!

I guess this is my first real blog rut. I’ve been a little busy and on top pf that I’ve had much on my mind. There are multiple things going on at once and it’s difficult to throw things into words sometimes on a blog.
Oh well… I am just throwing a quick post together to let everyone who just loves our blog know that we are alive and I have a couple of posts coming up about the teenager!
She is officially 15 today and has just become a little more adult. Yes! She is now allowed to learn how to drive. Eeeek! Look out all drivers in the state of Florida and surrounding states. (Just in case)
Happy Birthday Teenager!
We LOVE you!

This will be a rare occurance

I didn’t plan on doing any book reviews on this blog. It’s a blog about my husband and I and our life.
However, reading is a hobby of mine and therefore, part of my life.
Also, this blog is meant to be about everything, anything and nothing so I guess a book review or two is perfectly fine.

I heard so much about The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins and so I decided to give it a try. Wow! This book was so good. It’s a book for teens and younger readers but having a teenager, I read a lot of books like this. It was an amazing story. I was completely hooked by the end of chapter 1 and finished the book in 2 days. I actually spent 5 hours glued to one spot last night reading this book.

If you haven’t read the book but enjoy reading then you should try it. It’s got everything…adventure, survival, violence, love, love triangles, hunting, corruption and more!

I have only read the first book of the trilogy but plan to start book 2 today (which means you may not hear from me tomorrow!). I was so completely impressed that I couldn’t help but do a short review on the book and what I thought of it. The story line is completely f**ked up. It’s about a bunch of children 12-18 being thrown together and basically forced to kill each other on live television! That’s the short version of the plot, but it’s also about so much more than that.

I didn’t blog at all last night and forgot about eating dinner. (maybe I dropped a pound?)

So that’s my short raving review. Have you read the book? Do you have a favorite book?

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Happy Birthday Crash…Here’s your Gift

Our puppy turned one this month. He was born one year ago, and honestly, the toddler in him has been beginning to show. We discussed the fact that it was time for Crash to lose some of his man parts. It’s quite a brutal tradition, I know, but it’s usually necessary in domesticated animals. They become wild beasts and if he were to slip past someone and get out! Oh my! No more puppies please!

So alas, the appointment needed to be made and I was in charge of this task. I was speaking with the vet’s office and making the appointment. The available date was July 13th. It didn’t hit me until she asked me for Crash’s birth-date. “Ohhh shoot! His birthday is actually the 13th” I tell her. After a short giggle and joke from each of us, I kept the 13th appointment, I mean, he has no idea it’s his birthday….right?

Now, if anyone else has ever had an animal “fixed” and had to deal with the dreaded cone, then you understand before even reading this why it’s the “dreaded cone”.

My poor guy, they brought him out to me all drugged and weighted down with this cone around his head. I could hear them coming down the hall. My pup with his head dragging and the cone scraping the ground and the vet coaxing him to raise his head. It was quite comical to hear. My pup was all stressed out and he has a puddle of drool and hair inside his nasty little cone. It was a LONG trip home.

Once home, he continued to drag his little head and crash into things. Once he would crash into something, he just froze there and waited for assistance. It was pathetic actually and sad that it was his birthday, however, it’s one we will always remember.

It was the next day when we finally had a little birthday celebration. (which yes, I know is way more for us than for him!)

It turned out to be a happy little birthday after all, and I don’t think he even remembers that on his actual birthday he gave away his boys.

Anyone else have funny birthday stories? What about funny stories about the “dreaded cone”?

Tell us about them, if you feel pity for our pup then share this story and follow us too!

Updated Post Information:

A reader commented that it would be funny to visualize my hubby with the “cone” around his neck. I agreed 100%!

Living up to your name

We don’t give our animals people names. We try to name them things that we like, that are easy for them to understand and flow well when you call them to you.

We have Clohe, Clover, Frady, Moo, Zaira, Crash, Sox, Fenway and Karma. (Dogs, cats & ferrets).

We got all of our animals when they were babies and we usually name them within a couple of days.

Frady Cat was 1 of 4 that my mom and I rescued and fostered about 5 years ago. We named all 4 of the babies and Matt dubbed Frady with the name “Frady Cat” because it seemed cool to have a cat named Frady Cat. We decided to keep 2 of those 4 kittens and Frady was one of them. We had no idea what a perfect name we had chosen for this little guy.

Frady Cat is literally a Frady Cat! He lives most of his life in a cabinet. When he comes out of the cabinet he never leaves the room the cabinet is located in. This is a cabinet on a large computer desk. We keep the cat food and water and litter in the room with this desk because he doesn’t come out of the room! If you were to come visit, you would find him in his cabinet. He has a hair collection growing in there. It’s hard to clean it out because he is always in there hiding from the world!

We also unknowingly chose a perfect name for Crash. Matt picked Crash up from a far away place and drove him home when he was 3 months. On the way home, Matt passed a car crash that had just happened on the side of the road and pulled over to help. He felt that Crash would be a neat name because of that little moment together and he thought Crash sounded like a pretty cool dog name. Once again, once we decided on the name Crash, we had no idea how perfect it would actually be for a new little guy.

Within a few days of giving him his name he showed us his colors. He became something of a bull in a china shop. He crashes into everything, the walls, the furniture, and people too! He just mows everything in his path down.

He is actually just about to crash into Matt's leg!

Do any of your pets live up to their name? Tell us about it.

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Me, Us and Him

Some random funsies about Matt and I:

I LOVE pajamas. If I am at home, I am usually in my pajamas. If it was appropriate, I would wear them everywhere. I once used Halloween as an excuse to wear pajamas to work.

We are hardcore Red Sox fans.

Matt only removes his shoes at the edge of the bed at night. He wears them all day, everyday. He even wears them to the beach and in the water.

I prefer to bust a move on my elliptical, barefoot.

We only get to sleep in our bed together 4 nights a month.

Matt now has 13 Red Sox shirts/jerseys.

I am a cat person. Matt calls me crazy cat lady.

We are animal lovers.

Matt is a dog person. He only likes our cats, but loves all dogs.

I used to want to be an opera singer.

We both love Salvador Dali. He is our favorite artist.

Matt lived as a dog (by choice) for part of his childhood.

I love the Twilight saga. I got hooked and I love it.

We don’t have very many pictures of us as a couple.

Matt likes eating mustard sandwiches. (no meat or cheese)

I want a baby so very badly.

We both work full-time jobs, on different schedules.

Matt is a major goofball.

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Free Ticket Tuesday

It’s free ticket Tuesday today.

If you live in the area then you know that this means you can listen to Mix 105.1 all day and if you are caller 15 – you win a great prize!

They do this every Tuesday and it’s always something different. This week it was 2 movie passes to see the new Harry Potter movie and 4 tickets to Universal Studios Orlando and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


I tried this all day! There were multiple times in the day to try. I really want to go to Universal and Harry Potter’s little land there. Yes, I’m a fan of Harry Potter.

So in true Griswold fashion, I was unable to win. I’m sure I’m like many others but did many others first try the wrong number multiple times in a row?

Did everyone else call at the wrong time?

Did everyone else get caller 14! 14! What a tease!!

I also had busy tones, fast busy tones and 2 different operator recordings multiple times tell me that my call could not be completed as dialed. i was using redial, if it worked once it should work every time!

So yes, I tried to win all day and was unable to do so.

I love the station and that they give away great prizes but COME ON!!

I was teased and tortured all day and continued to screw up and then only come a little close to tasting the gold!

Have you ever won anything from a station? Do you agree that I should be the one to win?

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50 Years of Love

That’s a picture of my grandparents on their wedding day. They recently celebrated 50 years of marriage! 50 years!

That seems like such a huge number when you think about it in terms of marriage. It seems like the value of a marriage has gone down as time goes by.

You hear of divorce more frequently now than ever before and it’s looked at much differently as well. It used to be shamful if you were divorced or getting divorced. Some people and places even shunned those who were divorced. Today, we have divorce or freedom parties!

What a difference time makes.

I like to think that I try my hardest to model my relationship after my grandparents who have been together all this time. I’m sure they have hit a bumpy road or 12 but I never heard about it or saw any evidence of it. I only see love and admiration.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in divorce in certain instances of course but I feel like so many people just give up. Marriage is a full time job and you are usually required to work pretty hard at it. People change so much and so many times throughout their lives and I’m sure some of those changes can cause strain on a relationship but giving up should never be an option.

My beautiful grandparents stil look at each other with the same love in their eyes as they did 50 years ago.

I’m quite proud to say that my grandparents celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary. I’m proud of them and amazed by their love. We love you Granny and Gramps and congratulations again on a wonderful and happy marriage! Here’s to many more years of love!

How long have you been married? Are you divorced? What is the longest marriage of someone you know?

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Sunday night cutie

For most of us Sunday night is a drag…we have to get ready for the upcoming work week.

I know I can always use some cheering up on a Sunday night so I decided to to share something that cheers me up…

A Sunday night CUTIE!

Awww! You know that makes you smile!

What cheers you up on a Sunday night?

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