Are we running a zoo?

Over time we have had our share of pets and sadly, have lost our share of pets. That’s the reality of having a pet. Odds are, you will lose them and not the other way around.
We are animal lovers and actually have multiple pets. If you follow our blog then you know of two pets for sure, but we have more. We have 9 furry pets to be exact plus we have fish.


As if what we “own” wasn’t enough, we were adopted by opossoms a few years ago and the generations have stuck around. We attempted a family tree last year because yes, we name them! They adopted us and they come on the porch and eat the food we leave them. At one point last spring we had 6 babies in a cage in the house!

Matt has recently been adopted by the squirrels as well. They now eat every morning without even having to look for food. It’s right there for them. One squirrel in particular is quite mouthy when he isn’t fed on time. “Hellooooo Friend Squirrel! You’re wild!!”

We have seen multiple other animals over time: a turtle literally knocked on the door one night, of course “the chicken”, many random dogs have stopped in for a meal, kittens, cats and a couple peacocks have all been at the house.

So again, my question is, are we running a zoo? Is the word out on the streets that we are suckers for a hungry animal? “Psst, hey Fred! If you go two blocks north there’s a house with a couple suckers..hehe, just look tired and weak! They feed you, scratch your back and sometimes offer a comfy blanket.”  Yes, I think this is exactly what happens out there. There is no other explanition for turtles, chickens and peacocks! We live in a suburb/residential neighborhood. Oh, and aren’t opossoms supposed to be afraid of us?

What do you think? Is there a sign on the roof?

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