The Chase

I met Matt in 2003. I was 22 , almost 23 years old. I lived at home with my parents at that time and would come to Matt’s house to hang out.

Matt has always been very protective of his family, the neighborhood and the neighbors.

About a month after we met we were hanging out at night and Matt was painting parts of my car for me in “cool” colors so we were outside near the garage. All of a sudden we hear a couple banging noises coming from the neighbor’s house and Matt ran over and saw that there was a van of kids throwing eggs at the neighbor’s house and cars. He told me to jump in the car and we took off after them at full speed. And I mean full speed, with screeching tires and a little fish tailing too!

I had never been with anyone quite like Matt before. He was into guns, tattoos, fast cars, chasing people down and high-speed chases! I had never been on a high-speed car chase but here I was, part of one!

There’s nothing quite like the smell of burning rubber and lust. This guy was so HOT! I think I caught a whiff of love in the air that night too.  

It was fun, exciting, and exhilarating really! It was one of things that I loved about him! It was so different from anything I had ever experienced with any other boys I had dated. We ended up chasing this van for about 15 mins and reported them to police. It felt good! We were able to call the police and report the vandalism. The kids ended up coming back with their parents to apologize! That part was funny!

Matt’s favorite part about the night was that I went straight home and told my mom all about it. I couldn’t wait! My mom was horrified! She thought it was reckless and dangerous. “What if they had a gun?” she said. “It’s OK mom”, I told her. “Matt keeps a gun in the glove box of the car!” Oh my! It was like I told her he was an ex-con or something! My parents are not pro-gun people. She was not pleased that my brand new boyfriend, who she had not even met, took me on a car chase with a gun in the car!!

Perhaps it was the glow in my face, or the light in my eyes, but my mom put the incident behind her and eventually met my future husband and despite the danger, and the tattoos, and the intimidating appearance, she liked him too.

Over the years we have had multiple adventures both scary and exciting but I think we wil both remember this one forever!

Tell us about an adventure with your partner.

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