Trauma at the golden arches

So this is the replay of a typical trip with the family to the McDonald’s drive-thru growing up.

This was a trip myself and my three siblings looked forward to. I’m still not sure what it is about McDonald’s food that makes it so exciting to kids, but it sure was ! Mom, Dad and us four kids would pile into the Country Squire and head to the drive-thru. My dad wasn’t a huge fan of eating inside (we were pretty destructive) but we were ok with the drive-thru. We were still getting McDonald’s !

The trip should have been more organized…maybe with a list made at home of what to order but that idea is only in retrospect. In reality, we would tell my dad what we wanted as he approached the microphone. This is roughly how that went :

Welcome to McDonald’s may I take your order ?

Me : I want a cheeseburger meal !

Sibling #1 : I want a chicken nugget happy meal !

Dad : Can I get a chicken nugget and a cheeseburger happy….

Me : No, a cheeseburger meal !

Sibling #2 : I want a cheeseburger happy meal !

Dad : Ok, no…one cheeseburger happy meal…

Sibling #3 : I want a cheese burger happy meal too !!

Dad : Two…three…no two cheeseburger happy meals…

Mom : I want a chicken sandwich meal with a vanilla shake.

All siblings : I want a shake too !

Dad : No shakes !…one chicken nugget happy meal…did I already ask for hamburger happy meals ?

McDonald’s : I’ve got cheeseburger, did you want hamburger ?

Dad : Yes.

Siblings #2 & #3 : Nooooo ! cheeseburger !!

Dad : Ok, no hamburger, cheeseburger…

McDonald’s : Excuse me ?

Mom : Don’t forget the shake.

Dad : (frustrated) Ahhhh Fuhggett it !! (Boston accent)

Dad would then drive away frustrated without getting anything and told us “You’ll have a sandwich when we get home!”. I hoped he was joking and would drive back around and decide to just go inside. The taste of McDonald’s was already in my mouth. No. I watched as the golden arches got smaller and smaller out the back window. I would indeed resort to a sandwich. Three crying siblings saying “I want a haaaaaappy meeeeeeal” all the way home. Boy was I mad at them. I was sure they ruined it because they didn’t know how to handle the drive-thru with dad. I swore that when I was old enough to drive that I would go there all the time ! But when that time came I realized that I had no idea what made it so exciting. It was traumatic at the time for me but now its pretty funny. Although I can still see those arches getting smaller…and smaller…

Sadness and Trama of not getting a Happy Meal

(Written by Matt)

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  1. A list would have made no difference. By the time we would get to the microphone, everyone would have changed their minds! Great memory!

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