These are my privates!!

Recently we watched our niece for a couple days. We love hanging out with our niece, she’s pretty much the coolest little 2yr old ever!

So at 2 she has discovered her privates and knows what they are. She will often tell you about them when her diaper is being changed.

I (Krystal) have changed her diaper plenty of times and was the primary changer when she stayed with us. So I happen to already know all about her privates.

After one particular diaper change she was wondering around and you could almost see her little brain’s wheels turning. She was thinking about something…..

She turned around and looked directly at her Uncle Matt, grabbed her private area and said “These are my privates”!

There was a little dance move as well, it was a little sway twist type move.

We both laughed and Uncle Matt acknowledged that yes, those were her privates and thank you for sharing.

Well Miss Diva proceeded to do her little dance and tell him about those privates 3 more times before she moved on her little 2yr old world.

Uncle Matt is now well informed that his niece has privates. Uncle Matt now feels we as a family should be working on the meaning of the word “private”.

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