The Roomate

It’s not just a movie…it’s our reality.

Yup, we have a “roommate”.

He’s a guy, he pays us money, we give him a room.

He cooks in our kitchen too.

He hoards things in his room.  : (

Sometimes we let him hang out with us.

He does lots of favors too. (Store runs, McDonalds, heavy lifting, spider killing….) Even though he’s deathly afraid of spiders. We have seen him run, flail about and scream like a school girl at the sight of a spider. It’s lots of fun to make him think a spider is on him !

Most people wouldn’t consider a roommate, especially when they are supposed to be in a “honeymoon” phase, but we aren’t most people and we let this family friend stick around. He will be known as “roomie” on this blog. We call him a couple other things around the house but it probably isn’t appropriate to share. It’s all in good fun, trust us! Roomie laughs and offers his own nicknames for us as well.

If you were ever a friend of the show “Friends”, you will know what we mean when we say roomie is our “Joey”…we are pretty sure he’s ours forever…as if we fed a stray dog. Roomie has earned his stay though…he has been the victim of years worth of pranks and idiocracy and has proven himself a good sport.

Do any of you have a “roomie”?

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