Blueberry Muffins

So this is the story of Blueberry Muffins. It has a lot of meaning to me (Matt) and it has had an impact on some of the people I’ve told the story to.
Obviously, like most people I loved my grandfather. He was a fun, happy person with a huge sense of humor and was quite a prankster. He loved to enjoy a laugh at someone else’s expense (a quality that was passed down to me).

My grandfather had been deaf from a very young age but that just seemed to add to his awesome personality. One of his favorite things in the world was a blueberry muffin. He LOVED blueberry muffins. He also felt that Dunkin Donuts made a fine one.

One day years ago I was driving around town doing “important” errands. Now, I don’t even have the slightest idea of what I was doing that was so important but at the time they seemed crucial. As my grandparents now lived in the same town, I drove past the street they lived on. To this day I can’t drive past that street without thinking of them. As I passed by and knowing there was a Dunkin Donuts just a few minutes away I thought “Hey, I should run by and get Grampy some blueberry muffins”. That would be a great idea ! He wouldn’t expect it and it would sure make his day. But because these errands I was doing were so “important”, I decided that I had to finish what I was doing first…then I would go get the muffins and bring them to Grampy.It would only be a couple of hours and then I’d go over and make his day ! Good plan !

I was looking forward to randomly spending some time with him laughing and eating muffins. We were pretty close.

About 30 minutes later I got a call from my mom. She didn’t know exactly what happened, but she told me Grampy was being taken to the hospital by ambulance. She said that he had stopped breathing but had been revived. I sped toward Grampy’s house but I was too late, the ambulance had left. A firefighter still on scene told me what hospital he was taken to…so I sped there.

After some time passed doctors told us that he was alive but only with the assistance of life support…there was no brain activity. After a couple of days Grampy passed away. Obviously I was very sad and to this day it bothers me. I should have brought him blueberry muffins when I had the chance. I had no way of knowing it would be my last chance. I put it off because life tricks you and makes you think things are important that in the overall view of life have no importance at all.

In no way did I last see Grampy on bad terms, but I did miss my last opportunity to put a smile on his face…to make his day. I had no way to know. That’s life. Its unpredictable. I learned a valuable lesson that day…the hard way. I learned that you should bring blueberry muffins to the people you love as often as you can…every time you think of it. I learned that “Blueberry Muffins” is a metaphor. I learned that NOTHING, no matter how important it may seem at the time can even begin to compare to making someone you love happy. Family is #1 over anything no matter what. I learned that you should never leave someone you love on bad terms. You never know what can happen. Anyone and anything can end at any time with no notice.

Blueberry muffins can be just that…some delicious muffins. It can also be a hug, a phone call, a joke, a laugh or countless other things. Since that day I have lived my life by “Blueberry Muffins” and will never make that mistake again. Don’t let life fool you into thinking that anything is more important or urgent than family or the people you love…because its not. Now I will drop ANYTHING at any time for family and loved ones. Don’t ever leave angry and if you do, go back ! Even if it’s just to say”Hey, I’m still pissed but I do love you”. Or just randomly stop by and bring them some Blueberry muffins.

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