Sh*t my dog did

Sooo sweet

That’s Crash, he’s our American Bulldog. He was born on July 13, 2010 so he’s technically still a puppy. Doesn’t he look like the cutest, most innocent baby you’ve ever seen!? When he was little he was so sweet and cuddly. Then he started to grow, and grow and then grow some more. We should have known that something THAT cute was too good to be true!

He got soooo big! He’s now about 70 pounds and can stand on his back feet at almost 5 feet tall!!

So as Crash was growing, he became quite destructive. He destroyed dog toys, some DVD’s, shoes, my jewelry,dog collars (like the awesome RED SOX  one in his picture below) and tons of shoe laces. You know, pretty much anything he could get his mouth on.

We learned a valuable lesson and started tucking EVERYTHING away somewhere he couldn’t get it.

Innocent Looks are Deceiving

What happened next was a little more destructive and not so easily replaced. He started on the couch. It was a gradual process. He worked on this every couple days until he finished.

He also liked fish rocks. He ripped the bag apart and even ate plenty of those rocks. They were stored away in the cabinet below the fish tank but he figured out how to open the cabinet. He ate the rocks and ruined all the bottles of chemicals for the tank (no, he did not ingest or consume any of them luckily).

That's fish rocks on the rug

Oh, so back to that gradual couch process. The next series of pictures shows what the couch looks like now. He finally took care of all those pesky cushions. Who needs those? You can also see some wonderful wall damage he wanted to leave for us. This breed loves to push, pull, tug and destroy so he has toys and activities outside as well as toys inside that we hoped would quench that thirst. No. That was not the case. Crash loves his toys but even more, he LOVES a nice couch ! He even seems a bit proud when caught re-designing. He looks at you happy and smiling like “Hey guys !…Come see what I made !”.

The after couch

Yes, that’s correct, the cute little guy you see below did that to our couch. He seems to like it better this way, although we don’t actually agree with him. Does anyone agree? You could borrow my little designer for a few days if you want to. So he’s our not so little destroyer, creator of chaos, our monster but somehow he’s still sweet and we love him.

So, has your wonderfully innocent pet done anything this kind for you? Tell us about it.

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