I have a dream…

Many people think of far away places when they hear the word travel. Places like Paris, London, Africa, and Brazil are spoken from many mouths when they discuss adventures abroad. Those places sound amazing and of course I would love to go there, however, it’s not my “dream”.

The first place of any that I want to go is New York City. (AKA – the city) I have always felt like I belong in the city. I have been telling my parents from a very young age that I would live, work and breathe in New York City. 

I have yet to even see the brilliant lights of the city, to walk the bustling streets of Manhattan, to view the amazing window displays, and enjoy the delicious food. I haven’t experienced the hailing of a taxi, a stroll through Central Park, or a ride on the ferry.


It’s not a huge, unreasonable dream and yet, I have not fulfilled this desire.

Mark my words on this blog, I will go to New York and I am going to go total tourist on all the residents of NYC! I know how crazy they are for tourists, so look out NYC, I’ll be there someday with bells on, and I am going to do all the things you see in movies.

I have considered making Matt pretend he’s Cary Grant and meet me at the top of the Empire State Building, or maybe we will play Chopsticks on the giant piano at FAO Schwarz like in “Big”, we might even have our breakfast at Tiffany’s!

What are your biggest dreams? Where do you want to travel?

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Are we running a zoo?

Over time we have had our share of pets and sadly, have lost our share of pets. That’s the reality of having a pet. Odds are, you will lose them and not the other way around.
We are animal lovers and actually have multiple pets. If you follow our blog then you know of two pets for sure, but we have more. We have 9 furry pets to be exact plus we have fish.


As if what we “own” wasn’t enough, we were adopted by opossoms a few years ago and the generations have stuck around. We attempted a family tree last year because yes, we name them! They adopted us and they come on the porch and eat the food we leave them. At one point last spring we had 6 babies in a cage in the house!

Matt has recently been adopted by the squirrels as well. They now eat every morning without even having to look for food. It’s right there for them. One squirrel in particular is quite mouthy when he isn’t fed on time. “Hellooooo Friend Squirrel! You’re wild!!”

We have seen multiple other animals over time: a turtle literally knocked on the door one night, of course “the chicken”, many random dogs have stopped in for a meal, kittens, cats and a couple peacocks have all been at the house.

So again, my question is, are we running a zoo? Is the word out on the streets that we are suckers for a hungry animal? “Psst, hey Fred! If you go two blocks north there’s a house with a couple suckers..hehe, just look tired and weak! They feed you, scratch your back and sometimes offer a comfy blanket.”  Yes, I think this is exactly what happens out there. There is no other explanition for turtles, chickens and peacocks! We live in a suburb/residential neighborhood. Oh, and aren’t opossoms supposed to be afraid of us?

What do you think? Is there a sign on the roof?

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The Chase

I met Matt in 2003. I was 22 , almost 23 years old. I lived at home with my parents at that time and would come to Matt’s house to hang out.

Matt has always been very protective of his family, the neighborhood and the neighbors.

About a month after we met we were hanging out at night and Matt was painting parts of my car for me in “cool” colors so we were outside near the garage. All of a sudden we hear a couple banging noises coming from the neighbor’s house and Matt ran over and saw that there was a van of kids throwing eggs at the neighbor’s house and cars. He told me to jump in the car and we took off after them at full speed. And I mean full speed, with screeching tires and a little fish tailing too!

I had never been with anyone quite like Matt before. He was into guns, tattoos, fast cars, chasing people down and high-speed chases! I had never been on a high-speed car chase but here I was, part of one!

There’s nothing quite like the smell of burning rubber and lust. This guy was so HOT! I think I caught a whiff of love in the air that night too.  

It was fun, exciting, and exhilarating really! It was one of things that I loved about him! It was so different from anything I had ever experienced with any other boys I had dated. We ended up chasing this van for about 15 mins and reported them to police. It felt good! We were able to call the police and report the vandalism. The kids ended up coming back with their parents to apologize! That part was funny!

Matt’s favorite part about the night was that I went straight home and told my mom all about it. I couldn’t wait! My mom was horrified! She thought it was reckless and dangerous. “What if they had a gun?” she said. “It’s OK mom”, I told her. “Matt keeps a gun in the glove box of the car!” Oh my! It was like I told her he was an ex-con or something! My parents are not pro-gun people. She was not pleased that my brand new boyfriend, who she had not even met, took me on a car chase with a gun in the car!!

Perhaps it was the glow in my face, or the light in my eyes, but my mom put the incident behind her and eventually met my future husband and despite the danger, and the tattoos, and the intimidating appearance, she liked him too.

Over the years we have had multiple adventures both scary and exciting but I think we wil both remember this one forever!

Tell us about an adventure with your partner.

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Movie weekend

This weekend was declared as a movie weekend early on.

I had a photo shoot early Saturday afternoon and then starting around 6pm Saturday, the teenager and I settled in for movie weekend. Her friend joined us for Saturday’s movies.

We started with “The Roommate”. We all declared that we will never ever have a roommate and I silently prayed that Roomie wasn’t turning crazy and started analyzing his every move. He might be plotting against us.

We made a delicious dinner and figured we might as well keep with the crazy and watch SwimFan. Eeeek! Even though the guy was total scum for cheating on his loving girlfriend, he didn’t deserve all that!  The girls might be afraid to have boyfriends now. (That’s a great thing!)

On Sunday the teenager and I were on our own with movies, cold pizza, Little Debbie Cake Rolls, Mountain Dew and P.J’s!

The previous night, Matt and I watched “Hall Pass” but I fell asleep. This is my usual behaviour. So, we started Sunday with “Hall Pass” and I pretty much LOLed the entire movie! Matt would now like a Hall Pass as well. Ah, men. Keep dreaming my love!

We watched “The Social Network” after that and I’d say it was ok. It was good for what it was and  I now know all about where Facebook came from.

Our last movie of the weekend was “The Omen” and I am pretty sure our teenager no longer wants children. Why are the creepiest movies of all time about these beautiful but demonic children??

I probably should have been doing something productive this weekend. I probably should have changed out of pajamas on Sunday. I probably should have been cleaning the house this weekend. Or bathing my dogs. Or blogging. Or editing the pics from Saturday’s shoot….but I love a great movie weekend in pajamas.

What did you do this weekend? Does anyone have great movie suggestions for our next movie weekend?

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Trauma at the golden arches

So this is the replay of a typical trip with the family to the McDonald’s drive-thru growing up.

This was a trip myself and my three siblings looked forward to. I’m still not sure what it is about McDonald’s food that makes it so exciting to kids, but it sure was ! Mom, Dad and us four kids would pile into the Country Squire and head to the drive-thru. My dad wasn’t a huge fan of eating inside (we were pretty destructive) but we were ok with the drive-thru. We were still getting McDonald’s !

The trip should have been more organized…maybe with a list made at home of what to order but that idea is only in retrospect. In reality, we would tell my dad what we wanted as he approached the microphone. This is roughly how that went :

Welcome to McDonald’s may I take your order ?

Me : I want a cheeseburger meal !

Sibling #1 : I want a chicken nugget happy meal !

Dad : Can I get a chicken nugget and a cheeseburger happy….

Me : No, a cheeseburger meal !

Sibling #2 : I want a cheeseburger happy meal !

Dad : Ok, no…one cheeseburger happy meal…

Sibling #3 : I want a cheese burger happy meal too !!

Dad : Two…three…no two cheeseburger happy meals…

Mom : I want a chicken sandwich meal with a vanilla shake.

All siblings : I want a shake too !

Dad : No shakes !…one chicken nugget happy meal…did I already ask for hamburger happy meals ?

McDonald’s : I’ve got cheeseburger, did you want hamburger ?

Dad : Yes.

Siblings #2 & #3 : Nooooo ! cheeseburger !!

Dad : Ok, no hamburger, cheeseburger…

McDonald’s : Excuse me ?

Mom : Don’t forget the shake.

Dad : (frustrated) Ahhhh Fuhggett it !! (Boston accent)

Dad would then drive away frustrated without getting anything and told us “You’ll have a sandwich when we get home!”. I hoped he was joking and would drive back around and decide to just go inside. The taste of McDonald’s was already in my mouth. No. I watched as the golden arches got smaller and smaller out the back window. I would indeed resort to a sandwich. Three crying siblings saying “I want a haaaaaappy meeeeeeal” all the way home. Boy was I mad at them. I was sure they ruined it because they didn’t know how to handle the drive-thru with dad. I swore that when I was old enough to drive that I would go there all the time ! But when that time came I realized that I had no idea what made it so exciting. It was traumatic at the time for me but now its pretty funny. Although I can still see those arches getting smaller…and smaller…

Sadness and Trama of not getting a Happy Meal

(Written by Matt)

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These are my privates!!

Recently we watched our niece for a couple days. We love hanging out with our niece, she’s pretty much the coolest little 2yr old ever!

So at 2 she has discovered her privates and knows what they are. She will often tell you about them when her diaper is being changed.

I (Krystal) have changed her diaper plenty of times and was the primary changer when she stayed with us. So I happen to already know all about her privates.

After one particular diaper change she was wondering around and you could almost see her little brain’s wheels turning. She was thinking about something…..

She turned around and looked directly at her Uncle Matt, grabbed her private area and said “These are my privates”!

There was a little dance move as well, it was a little sway twist type move.

We both laughed and Uncle Matt acknowledged that yes, those were her privates and thank you for sharing.

Well Miss Diva proceeded to do her little dance and tell him about those privates 3 more times before she moved on her little 2yr old world.

Uncle Matt is now well informed that his niece has privates. Uncle Matt now feels we as a family should be working on the meaning of the word “private”.

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Moo, the “foster” kitty

Moo started out as a foster kitten.

She wasn’t going to live here with us forever.

She moved into the bathroom as a mommy-less 5 week old kitten.

Within a week she had found her permanent home here with us.

Fostering can be an evil job.

Kittens can be evil little animals.

They act so cute and give you the cute “kitten” look.

And BOOM! They become yours!

It’s evil I tell you….Evil!!

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The Griswolds Visit Sea World

Myself and 4 other family members were originally supposed to go to Sea World’s Aquatica, but plans changed and we decided on Sea World. However, family members started to drop like flies and it ended up being just me and the teenager.

It was HOT! Sooo very very hot and miserable. The heat index was well over 100 degrees. I think part of my body literally melted right off.

The first thing we did was jump in line for the Manta! If you haven’t been there or heard of it, it’s a roller coaster and it lays you down on your stomach when you ride. It’s a bit creepy actually!

There was no line at all except for a few people for the first row. So we jumped in line for first row and what happens? The ride breaks down! We wait 20 mins before it starts again!

I then waste $7  on a locker because the Sea World lady lied to me about having temporary lockers. They DO have them and she told me they didn’t!

Another ride broke down while we were in line – Atlantis, the water ride. We really needed a water ride but because we were in line….it broke down!!

I was super excited to check out the dolphin petting area. I remember when I was a kid it was so great. What a joke! It’s separated now it to what I like to think of as the “rich” section and the “poor” section. The rich people had food and they got to play with and pet the dolphins. I was on the poor side and you were not even allowed to attempt to pet then!

Taken from the poor side of the dolphin pool!

Teen petting the sting rays

We did like petting the sting rays though!

We hit the Shamu show too. This is NOTHING like it used to be – granted, they are more careful after losing a human  life there a year ago. The trainers were obviously a little scared of the whales, they didn’t go near them the whole time. They just threw fish at them!

(Written by Krystal)

Between the cancellations, the broken rides, the heat, the locker lie and losing the car for a short period of time – it really was a Griswold type of day! However, I can’t wait to go back!

Have you ever been to Sea World? How was your visit?

My Mom’s Salsa

My mom has a delicious Salsa recipe.
She makes her salsa for parties, pot lucks, and family gatherings.
It’s sooo delicious!!
Everyone loves it!
She taught me how to make it this weekend. I went to her house with all my ingredients and she taught me how to make it.
I’ve been eating salsa for days!
I may have put on some weight, but I sure did enjoy it!!
The recipe is semi secret as she made sure to tell me.
I wish I could tell you but if everyone made it, then it wouldn’t be my moms and it wouldn’t taste as good!

(Written by Krystal)

I ate a lot this past weekend!!

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Babies Eating Cake

We have been doing a study over the past 2 years with two guinea pigs, do not be alarmed by what you are about to learn… babies love cake! The next series of pictures proves this to be true. If you are squeamish then you may want to skip this post, it’s quite messy!!

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

Test 5

Test 6

Test 7

Test 8

Test 9